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Finally, I watched the first episode of the new season! And I loved it soooo much and so gladGossip Girl is back!

Firstly, great to see that they didn't kill off Chuck - he is such a great character! But shame we didn't see much of him in thisepisode but I bet the next episode will be all about him. I was a little bit naughty and saw some spoilers: he ends up in Paris with that pretty blonde girl from Harry Potter and I presume he accidently bumps into Serena...

Secondly, Georgina - that was quite expected of her to walk out after Dan signed the papers! That girl is nooooo good. I really like theepisode from previous season when she goes to that Christian camp and goes all crazy!Also, love how shecasuallydropped someRussian wordsover the phone. I wonder if we shall see quite a bit of her this season...

Thirdly, can't put it at the end - but Rufus annoys me soooo much! He wants the world to revolve around him and only him. On the other hand, Lily is like the best mum ever - all so accepting and loving, it's nice that she cares about Chuck so much and all of her and not so hers children...

Fourthly, oh, the back fire on Blair was sobrilliant - finally shegot what she deserved with all her snobbery when the prince pretended to be a driver.

And finally, poor Nate is hooking upwith that psycho. At first I thought: he is going to be dating THE Gossip Girl but then I think she is just a freak who has been stalking him. Mmm... Why is she doing that?

xxX Savanna Xxx

P.S. If you are in the UK, you can catch up on the latest Gossip Girl episode with the ITV player:

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