Work Experience 2011

I worked in a regional London-based firm with another small office elsewhere in the UK specialising in no win no fee compensation claims. The firm had many paralegals because Read more


LPC stands for Legal Practice Course and you do it after finishingyour law degree or after completingGDL. People who want to become solicitors have to complete LPC before doing their training contract.

GDL stands for Graduate Diploma in Law and it is commonly known as law conversion course.
Say,for youruniversity degree you decide toread a different subject to law such as history, languages, science subject perhaps - anythingyou found to your likingwhen you were seventeen really! But later on you decide you want to become a solicitor. You will need to complete GDL first and then go on to completing LPC.
As you might have gathered already, I am doing law at the moment, so I will not be doing GDL in the future. However, shall any interesting information arise regarding GDL, it will be posted in this section.

BVC stands for Bar Vocational Course and that is for people who want to become barristers, Not in my plans at the moment! However, some of my friends want to become barristers andI will be updating you on any interesting gossip about BVC as well!

Happy reading! :-)

L ? v e,

xxX Savanna Xxx

Savanna Tyche Gray

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