Work Experience 2011

I worked in a regional London-based firm with another small office elsewhere in the UK specialising in no win no fee compensation claims. The firm had many paralegals because Read more

Very glad to see YOU on the pages of my website! I am an English law student - last year I finished my first year, so now heading into my second! I remember when I was in school reading law at university was a very controversial topic. Some friends and even some lawyers (!) were like "Studying law is so boring. If you are so keen, do something else and then GDL" and other were like "Law. Cool. Why?"There were some supportive individuals like my parents and the rest of my family. Now that I know exactly what's it like I can share my experience with those confused individuals who are still faced with making choices! :)

I am also very keen to discuss current affairs and studying law with law students: law modules, new laws, courseworks, doing work experience, law firms etc etc...

As I progress with my studies, I will be talking about LPC, BVC, GDL, being a trainee and finally being a solicitor! As you can see I am quite set at becoming a solicitor. However, I will share some of my friends views who will be doing BVC or GDL.

Finally, there is a different section where I keep my personal blog relating to different aspects of my life and hobbies. For example, I really like reading quotes by famous people, so I will share the best ones with you guys and we can discuss fun things like recent movies, new fashion trends and many many more things!

In conclusion: are you interested in any of the following?

  • Do you want to find out what's it like to study law in university?
  • What's it like to be a student?
  • What's it like studying in England in an English University?
  • Have you been looking for lawyer blogs?
  • What to do to become a successful lawyer?

If you said yes to any of the above, I think you should explore my blog! heehee.

Happy reading! :-)

L ♥ v e,

xxX Savanna Xxx

P.S. You might find it useful to read 'Lawyer2Be: understanding it' section where you can find explanations for features on the website such as leaving a comment to the article, creating an account and some general disclaimers! Treat it a little bit like standard F.A.Q. and Terms and Conditions combined into one section!

Savanna Tyche Gray

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