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I worked in a regional London-based firm with another small office elsewhere in the UK specialising in no win no fee compensation claims. The firm had many paralegals because Read more

University life is like an avalanche. You start of usually with a relatively free time-table: you have a maximum of 10 hours of lectures a week, with 4 hours of workshops which don't start till half way through the first term and you get a total of 10 per module over the whole year.Looking free does not mean being free! I am involved with many societies, both as a regular member and as a committee member; I see friends - either to catch up (since we have moved out of halls and we don't see each other anymore) or to play some sport; not to forget of course fitting in the work around all these commitments! So I have unfortunately relatively little time for the blog, but bear with me!

I do personally think it is lovely to stay busy because your days certainly get more effective. First of all it helps you with planning ahead, which is a skill worth developping as early on as possible. Secondly, you accomplish many things during the day and you feel really satisfied at the end of it. And thirdly, it is so much fun! You get to meet many people and get so much life experience that no type of procrastination will ever be able to give you!

I would like tohighlight how important it is to stay on top of your reading because things like land law get very tricky and complicated. I would say for something like tort law - it is a lot easier to follow. If you've been slacking with your reading tort law lectures are broken down in quite a few separate topics, hence you should be able to follow easily; whereas with land law lectures, there is a distinct layering of the knoweledge. So make sure, the foundation is nice and strong, as later lectures would be a simple nightmare! How are the lives at your universities? What are your extra-curricular / social agenda like?

xxX Savanna Xxx

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